2017 Round Up

Here's my selection of the best 75 of the supermarkets' wine offers for 2017. Each of the major retailers is listed and I've picked my favorites in the sub £10 price point.

Amalthée Provence Rosé £9.00
Super sexy looking Provence style bottle, dry, crisp, hint of raspberry
Bellmente Pinot Grigio Blush £4.50
Amazing wine at the price, fresh cranberry and blossom, bargain

Morrisons The Best Vintage Cava Brut £7.00
Good yeasty nose, green and red apple with peach. Top wine
Sacchetto Grifon Prosecco Rose Extra Dry £10.00
Top stuff, full of vibrant raspberry and cranberry notes, dry and crisp
Masseria Pietrosa Verdeca £8.00
Classy looking bottle, good floral aromatics, fresh and dry, vanilla, the full ticket
Morrisons Torrontes £5.25
Good open green fruit nose, lime zest and lemon, beautifully made
Zalze Shiraz Mouverdre Viognier £7.00
Herbal nose, good fruit and oak interplay, powerful finish, fantastic value
Morrisons Valpolicella Ripasso £7.50
Full on generous wine, big over ripe nose, inky and rich black fruit, smashing

Syrah Grenach Rosé £4.99
Red berry and zippy acidity, simple and easy
Vinha do Rosario Rosado £4.99
Nice touch of sweetness - toward medium, fruity and pleasing, confected

Cotes de Gascoigne, Exotique 2015 £4.50
Superb wine at the price, classy, easy drinker, soft, ripe and fresh
Rias Baixas, Abellio, Galicia £5.99
Lovely dry green herbaceous wine, green grass and zesty acidity
Montepulcianno d'Abruzzo £3.99
Lots of wine for the money, good morello cherry palate, fantastic food wine
Chilean Malbec Reserva Privada, Cimarosa £4.49
Touch of medicine cabinet on the nose, blackcurrant leaf and vanilla
Cremant de Bourgogne £7.99
Super wine, light toasty nose, green apple palate, really well made, great price

Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé £5.99 - £12.99 magnum
Light fresh, great looking bottle, smashing price, magnum is a showstopper
Exquisite Collection Pinot Noir Rosé £6.99
Lovely zippy Kiwi pink, good red berry notes, easy drinking

Ashwood Freeman's Bay Pinot Gris 2014 £5.69
Lovely complex nose, good tropical fruit, lychee, unripe apple, deep and lasting wine
AC Byrne Margaret River Chardonnay £7.49
Green apple and grass on nose, dry, floral, elegant
The Exquisite Collection New Zealand Pinot Noir 2014 £6.99
Balanced fruit and savoury ripeness, light raspberry and hint of leather, smashing
Vignobles Roussellet Malbec £4.49
Forward open bubblegum nose, blueberry and oak, easy tannin, great value
Philippe Michel Cremant du Jura £7.99
Easy drinking fizz, green apple and grass, lovely, very well priced

La Cerisa Rosa Pinot Grigio Rosé £7.99
Very pink looking pink, lots of fruit on the nose, dry, classy
Ten Mile Bridge, Portugal £6.99
Workaday rosé, as it should be, nice fruit/acidity balance, well priced

Sandiford Road Pinot Grigio, California £8.99    
Very floral, more gris than grigio, peach and blossom, off dry, well made
Corbello Cataratto/Inzolia
(Ita) £7.99    
Only 11.5% alcohol, soft and easy drinking style, light white fruit, lovely
James Irvine Signature Selection Merlot (Aus) £7.99     
Classy wine, great look and palate, intense damson, generous
Tinto da Anfora (Por) £9.99
Open violet nose, layered, spice and oak on palate, intense, lovely
Valento Prosecco (Ita) £6.99     
Soft, fresh and easy, classic prosecco, little hint of sweetness, lovely

Extra Special Sangiovese Rosé £8.98
Lovely pale pink, good cherry palate, red berry character, smashing
Fillipo Pinot Grigio Rosé £5.00
Dry and summery, good raspberry and strawberry palate, value

Extra Special Chardonnay 2016 (Fra) £5.78
Fresh crisp apple and lime zest, good mouthwatering acidity, lovely wine at the price
Extra Special Bordeaux Blanc £6.00
Grapefruit peel nose, green grass and apple, well judged oak 
Wine Atlas Negroamaro (ita) £4.98
A big mouthful of wine, ripe berries and forceful oak, spiced and balanced
Woodfired Shiraz (aus) £8.98
Rich ripe deep bramble and blackcurrant, plummy, full bodied and well structured
Extra Special Cava Reserva Brut £7.98
Rich and giving wine, classy Cava back to its best, fantastic price!
Extra Special Cava Rosado Brut £7.98
Beautiful red berry notes, red currant, raspberry, dry,touch of peach, complex  

Marks and Spencer
House Rosé £5.00
Party wine, bubble-gum and a hint of white pepper, good price
Reserve du Boulas Cotes du Rhone Rosé £9.00
Classy looking bottle, fresh red berries, creamy finish

William's Well Gewertztraminer Riesling 2014 (Aus) £9.50
Lovely white blossom nose, floral, clean, medium sweet, easy drinker
Cascara Limari Valley Chardonnay 2013 (Chi) £10.00
Green apple, good body, some minerality, great wine at the price point
Dolcetto D'Asti 2014 (ITA) £8.00
Ripefruit, plum and damson, blueberry and spice, lots of wine for the money
Recanati Carignan Petite Sirah 2014 (Israel) £10.00
Intense and concentrated, complex wine, full bodied, pepper, tar and tannin

Majestic Loves Rosé £5.99
Very pink looking, forward cherry nose, rosé that tastes of something!
Cuvee de Richard Rosé Pays d'Herault £6.49
Subtle wine, strawberry with a dash of fresh grape, interesting

The Cup and Rings Godello Sobre Lias Monterrei £9.99
Richness to this wine, good body and depth, baked apple and brioche
Villemarin Picpoul de Pinet (FRA) £7.99
Good depth, nice minerality, hint of citrus, lovely wine
Edna Valley Pinot Noir California £9.99
Classy looking, interesting nose, redcurrant and leather, big but balanced for a pinot
Porta 6 Reserva £9.99
Good deep black fruit palate, nice use of oak, tight tannins
Prosecco La Gioiosa Etamarosa (ITA) £8.49
Open peach blossom, dry and peachy, good value fizz
Le Berceau Frisante Piquepoul Chardonnay £9.99
Aromatic with floral notes, good acidity, light and fresh, frisante

Taste the Difference Bordeaux Rosé £6.25
Cranberry and blueberry dominate, lovely fresh drop
Sainsbury's Fairtrade Rosé £6.00
Lovely summer berry palate, great winemaker (Bosman), well priced

Taste the Difference German Pinot Blanc £7.00
Melon and fruit salad nose, good body, fresh fruit palate, lovely refreshing
Bellingham The Bernard Series Rousanne (SA) £8.00
Good ripe fruit and coconut nose, fresh, full on, body, balanced
Taste the Difference Fairtrade Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot (SA) £7.00
Riope cherry and blackcurrant nose, full on body and intense fruit, Bordeaux on steroids
Baron de la Vinas Rioja Reserva £8.50
Developing, complex nose, deep and intense, oak, black cherry, cedar, leather
Taste the Difference Sparkling Pinot Rosé £7.50
Extra dry style, good red cherry palate, great value
Winemakers' Selection Prosecco £7.00
Good wine, great value, will make a fine Aperol Spritz

Tesco Rosé Vin de Pays de Loire £7.00
Uncomplicated, raspberry palate, fresh acidity, good
Tesco Finest Provence Rosé £8.00
Pale pink, fresh redcurrant, racy acidity, BBQ friendly

Finest Saint Mont £6.00
Lovely light green and frsh nose, green apple and grass, zippy acidity, great value
Finest Soave Classico Superiore £7.00
Open nose, floral and mineral, good peach hit on palate
Finest Marlborough Pinot Noir 2015 £8.50
Floral and spicy nose, good fruit driven wine, would love lamb and mint sauce
Lava Aglianico 2011 (Ita) £9.00
Heavy bottle, classy drop, rich, full and powerful fruit and oak, buy of the season
Finest Pignoletto NV £8.50
Good light fresh fizz, hint of sweetness but no so you’d notice, lovely drop
Finest Blanquette de Limoux 1531 £9.00
Lovely apple and grass nose, good body and mousse, creamy with a hint of sweetness

Coeur de Cardeline Rosé £8.99
Classy, delicate nectarine palate, elegant, refreshing
Fairtrade Rosé Moscato £3.99
Lovely sweet pink fizz, low alcohol (5.5%) generous fruity sweetness

The Co-operative Truly Irresistible Chablis 2014 £9.99
Lovely flinty minerality, forward fruit, apple and lime peel, really lovely example
Wolfberger Gewertztraminer 2014 £8.99
Grpey and floral nose, aromatic, toward sweet, lemon and honey, lovely
Novare Valpolicella Ripasso 2012 £9.99
Forward fruit on nose, black cherry and damson palate
La Grange St Martin Cotes du Rhone 2014 £6.99
Lovely example of CDR, soft ripe fruit and long black pepper finish
Cordoniu Gran Cremant Vintage Brut Cava 2013 £9.99
Green cooking apple nose, lovely toasty note, fresh acidity, very well made, value
Lindauer New Zealand Sparkling Rose £9.99
Brioche and red berry, beautiful body and poise, great price