2021 Past Drinks of The Week

15th November 2021
Finest Chianti Classico
Tesco £7.75
Drinker Rating 90

***25% OFF CLAXON ***

Even before Hanibal Lecter, Chianti was a little unfashionable. It's sad for me that one of the great wines of the world has been so ignored for so long - but I have a real soft spot for the stuff.

This is beautifully made showing a lovely spiced cherry nose and with forward fruit and a touch of oak on the palate. As a proper Italian red it's crying out to be drunk with food but I think this one can more than stand up to being drunk on it's own in front of a roaring fire.

A bargain at £7.75 and there's 25% off when you buy 6 bottles of wine right now at Tesco (until 29/11).


8th November 2021
The Best Oloroso
Morrisons £6.50 37.5cl
Drinker Rating 90

I know sherry is always about to be the next big thing and it really only cuts thruogh with old grannies, the wine-erati and very trendy young hipsters - but believe me it is the REAL DEAL.

The amazing this about sherry is its versatility, it encompasses everything you've ever tasted from the very driest (manzanilla) to the very sweetest (pedro ximinez) and everything in between.

This oloroso from Morrisons is top notch and a banger of a bargain at £6.50 - it's a dry sherry and you can expect roasted hazlenuts, burnt sugar and some lovely savoury undetones.

Happy international sherry week!

1st November 2021
Triade Rosso
Waitrose £8.99
Drinker Rating 90

***25% off when buying 6 at Waitrose***

Another big whopper of a bonfire night wine this week - this is a great blend of Italian native grapes, Primitivo, Nogroamaro and Nero di Trioa. These big gutsy grapes ripen in the full sun of southern Italy and help the grapes develop ripe fruity character and give a solid alcohol backbone.

A perfectly smashing wine to be enjoyed with a banger while enjoying a banger (bonfire night/sausage reference there). Bold black cherry, lovely structure and lots of depth.

Proper sparkler of a wine!


25th October 2021
Extra Special Primitivo
Asda £6.50
Drinker Rating 90

We're all gearing up for Halloween and Bonfire nIght right? So what we'll need is a hearty old red that can withstand the rigours of burnt sausages and the fragrant smell of cordite drifting across the night sky.

Primitivo is a grape variety I love and one which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK - pretty much every supermarket does one now (it's known as Zinfandel in the USA). This is an astonishing wine at only £6.50, full bodied and packed with bold ripe black fruit flavours, there's even a little hint of wood-smoke on the finish which makes it a great bonfire wine.

A proper autumn/winter house red, big, full and generous.


18th October 2021
Villiera Sauvignon Blanc
Marks and Spencer £8.00
Drinker Rating 89

Sauvignon blanc is still charging forward as the white grape of choice for wine drinkers looking for something with a bit of extra character. It's an aromatic variety which, depending on how it ripens can produce quite subtle grassy aromas right through to full on asparagus and elderflower character.

The sauvignon blancs from France tend to be toward the more neutral in style and those from New Zealand are at the other extreme, all flowery and blousey - whereas those from Chile and South Africa often come somewhere in between.

This wine is from Stellenbosch in South Africa and has a lovely fresh aromatic, all peach and white blossom, it's zippy and refereshing on the palate, green lime peel and apple.

11th October 2021
Cepa Lebrel Rioja Reserva
Lidl £5.49
Drinker Rating 91

So as the season of hearty stews and roasts comes around how about a wine to match?

Rioja can be such a fantastic wine to enjoy with food and this one is really up to the mark. It's got some lovely forward blackberry and plum notes on the palate and a whole load of complexity on the nose, think cigar box, black pepper and a cedar like spice.

Perfectly balanced and maturing well this wine will drink well with food or on its own and will keep for another year or so if you fancy putting one away for later.


4th October 2021
Blueprint Californian Chardonnay
Waitrose £6.99
Drinker Rating 90

Loving the Waitrose Blueprint range which has recently expanded ever so slightly. All of the wines are affordable and are supposed to be the essence of the style, similar, I suppose as to how the M&S Classics work.

This one is a ripe tropical fruit salad of a wine, mango, peach and a hint of citrus - it's really California in a glass. Refreshing and dry it's a real crowd pleaser, proper house white for the autumn.


27th September 2021
Nero Oro Appassimento
Majestic £8.99
Drinker Rating 89

I love shopping in Majestic - they are tip top at what they do because all they do is sell drinks - wonderful buyers, staff who really know their stuff and an unfussy attitude to what for many can be a confusing and challenging product.

This is a super wine - appassimento is made with dried grapes which gives the wine a real intensity, full body and generous alcohol.

This one is intense blackcurrant and bramble, stewed fruit with easy tannins and a lovely mouth-feel.


20th September 2021
The Best South African Sauvignon Blanc
Morrisons £6.75
Drinker Rating 89

Coming to the end of the month - been paid yet? No, me neither - bit skint to be honest so I might have to reassess my wine selections for this week.

Is £6.75 a lot for a bottle these days - not really I suppose and what with impending wine shortages caused by Brexit and terrible exchange rates caused by Brexit and driver shortages caused by Brexit we'll be lucky going toward Christmas finding anything drinkable under £8.50 - so no, £6.75 is not a lot to pay for a bottle.

This is a smashing wine, a bit more restrained than the New Zealand style of Sauvignon, this is all delicate lime peel and white flowers - it's also got really zippy acidity to refresh the palate.

Smashing drop - great price.

13th September 2021
Buenas Vides Malbec
Aldi £5.79
Drinker Rating 89

Malbec's still selling well - it's been adopted as the national grape of Argentina despite a long and proud history in France - particularly Bordeaux (where it's known as 'cot').

The grape seems to work well in cooler, sunnier spots and Argentina seems to have perfect growing conditions along with the skill in the winery to make consistently good and very affordable drinkable reds.

This is perfect at the price, the right amount of blackberry and raspberry fruit character along with a decent tannic backbone that gives lovely structure but is not imposing.
Lovely wine for the oncoming autumn.


6th September 2021
Les Calcaires Pinot Noir
Sainsbury's £7.00
Drinker Rating 89

Weird old weather for the beginning of Autumn - but I suppose that's what autumn should be - a bit up a bit down, a bit wet and a bit dry.

So maybe what we're after is a bit of an in-between wine - a red certaily but a lighter, fruitier and more approachable drop to match the vagaries of the season.

So why not a lovely French pinot noir - from quite far north, late ripening and complex. Under the forward red berry nose there's a deep and interesting spicy, herbal character - think rosemary and cinnamon - odd combination but it really works.

As does the price - proper value for money this wine.


30th August 2021
Cotes de Gascoigne Blanc
Tesco £5.25
Drinker Rating 89

'Cheap and cheerful' is rarely a compliment is it? But in the case of this wine I think it's a perfectly apt description and should take nothing away from the quality of the liquid.

Let's start with 'cheap' - £5.25 is certainly at the more frugal end of the market however this is a fantastically priced great value wine. It's cheap for the quality it is.

'cheerful', let's not under-rate cheerful, I'd prefer to be cheerful than grumpy. Cheerful might not express brooding complexity but what are you after from your wine, sometimes you simply want to sing! Cheerful is difficult too, it's got to be precise to be glee inducing and this takes a lot of effort.

Getting there we have aromatic fresh cut flowers, greengage and citrus. Dry, fresh and easy. I'd take this cheap and cheerful any day of the week.

23rd August 2021
Extra Special Chenin Blanc
Asda £5.50
Drinker Rating 89

Chenin blanc is gaining in popularity and for good reason. The grape seems to respond really well to warmer climates and extra sunshine that it can get in the New World.

This wine is from South Africa and to add to the ripe grape character it's barrel fermented and has some light buttery notes to support a beautiful peach and apricot fruit character - the barrel fermentation also adds some creamy texture to the wine.

Fantastic value, perfect sipping for a bank holiday weekend.


16th August 2021
Found Mazuelo
Marks and Spencer £8.50
Drinker Rating 89

I'm really loving what M&S are doing with their drinks right now, first up was the Classics range, some seriously good value wines showcasing the great regions and grape varieties of the world, then came a re-vamp of their beers, their ever changing range of spirits and liqueurs are fantastic as always and now it's the Found range.

These wines are designed to take the drinker on a journey off the beaten track, they act as a brilliant introduction to new styles, grape varieties and regions that you might not be familiar with.

This is a journey conducted with care and precision and this mazuelo (you might know it by its French name carignan), it's a beautiful, approachable Spanish red going toward Rioja in style but with more lightness and elegance.

Go find yourself!


9th August 2021
Blueprint Pinot Noir
Waitrose £5.99
Drinker Rating 90

I'm still in love with pinot noir - it's the red grape for me that gives so much depth and variety from light and fruity to earthy and savoury - but usually it's not cheap. Being a thinner skinned grape it's harder to grow well and susceptible to disease in the vineyard.

But here's a little cracker and at an amazing price - this is from Waitrose's Blueprint range  - all of which are well worth looking out. It's bright and cherry scented with a little hint of bramble and autumn hedgerow.

Beautiful easy drinking red for the summer.


2nd August 2021
Cremant de Loire
Lidl £8.49
Drinker Rating 90

There are lots of Champagne wannabees out there right now - this is no bad thing, lots of super Cava which is coming back into fashion and loads and loads of Cremants - the one I've picked is Lidl's Cremant de Loire.

Made in the same way that they make Champagne but using a good proportion of chenin blanc grapes, this one is lively, supple and fresh - I think it also comes in a really classy looking bottle.

At under £9 it's a really super effort, really well made and everything you'd want from a summer fizz.


26th July 2021
Silver Ghost Rosé
Majestic £5.24
Drinker Rating 90

Looking for a party wine for the patio this summer - nothing better than a lovely drop of pink to raise the spirits.

This is a perfectly lovely rosé from South Africa, lightly crushed red-currant, it's pure and very simple, a real crowd pleasing easy drinker - I'm not after my pink wine to have me turning cartwheels, I like it quite pretty and neutral.

Lovely summer drop.


12th July 2021
The Best Languedoc Red
Morrisons £7.75
Drinker Rating 91

Looking like a BBQ weekend so you'll need a wine that's a bit 'out-doorsy' and this Languedoc drop is the number.

It's got a lovely herb de Provence nose, there's a mass of ripe bllck fruit on the palate and a reassuring waft of wood-smoke on the finish. Full, rich, ripe and generous a really belting BBQ wine.


28th June 2021
Castellore Organic Prosecco
Aldi £7.99
Drinker Rating 90

Feeling like a celebration? With Wimbledon and the football and the sun making a tiny effort to come out from the clouds it's got to be Fizz o' clock!

I've loved this wine for some years now and it's one of my six Aldi wines for the summer that you can see in the film below - super and clear, fresh like a mountain stream, lively but gently bubbles, a hint of peach - everything \I want Prosecco to be.

Get lots of this for the summer and cross your fingers for lots of sunshine and goals from Raheem!


21st June 2021
Taste the Difference Touraine Rosé
Sainsbury's £7.00
Drinker Rating 89

We all have 'house wines' right? Wines that we can really rely on, affordable, delicious handy fridge door wines to see us through the seasons?

Well if not, you should build yourself a little portfolio of ready drinkers to call on when the sun's out, when the BBQ is on, when it's raining, when it's Wednesday night etc.

This wine will be a good starter, really decent pretty rosé, enough light raspberry scent about it to keep you interested and at the same time really well priced.

Get that fridge filled now!

14th June 2021
Tetley's No. 4 Premium Lager
Waitrose (and others) £2.00 660ml
Drinker Rating 90

It's Beer Day Britain this week and to raise a glass to all that's British Beer how about a new beer from an old brewery?

Tetley's beers are no longer brewed in Leeds they're all made in Northampton now (by Carlsberg) but don't let that put you off.

The bottle claims that this new lager is made 'the ale way' which I assume means it's top rather than bottom fermented and it does have the character of a properly made light ale. Flavoursome and refreshing.

This beer is MUCH MUCH better in bottles than cans, I tried them both and believe me it makes a difference.

Cheers to the beers!

7th June 2021
The Best Prosecco Rosé
Morrisons £7.00 down from £9.00
Drinker Rating 89

Recently they changed the rules on Prosecco and so no you can have it pink - and what's not to like, who doesn't like a drop of Prosecco and who doesn't like a drop of pink when the sun shines?

So here's a cracker, currently on offer from Morrisons, who in my mind are still the best of the supermarkets for wine right now. It's got a lovely pale pink look about it and has all the correct balance of peachy fizz and light red berry character.

Perfect for summer sipping.


31st May 2021
Extra Special Marlborough Pinot Noir
Asda £9.00
Drinker Rating 91

So the summer's here and the grass needs cutting - again! And what better after an arduous 15 minute session of intensive gardening than a nice cool, refreshing glass of pinot noir?

'But Pete,' you say, 'pinot noir is a red grape and red wines shouldn't be served cool.' Well, I'm going to tell you that this is simply your own prejudice and palpable nonsense to boot.

All red wine should be served much cooler than we think (12 to 18 degrees C), not as cold as your fridge but not as warm as your room. In fact many red wines benefit from a prolonged time in the chiller, lighter wines such as Beaujolais and this wonderful pinot noir from New Zealand will really open up if chilled down.

You'll find this wine (currently reduced from £10 to £9) a really lovely drinker for the early summer, lovely red berry character and just enough tannin to give some pleasing structure.

Total bargain, hot or cold.


24th May 2021
Malbec Reserva Privada
Lidl £4.99
Drinker Rating 88

Do you ever buy wine because it's in a good looking bottle or has a pretty label? There should be no shame in this, many people do it and sometimes the packaging makes all the difference. Wine makers often use tricks to fool us into thinking the wine is better than it is - ever noticed some wines come in really heavy bottles? Subconsciously we think that the heavier it is the classier it must be.

So on to a Chilean wine with a picture of a llama - or is it an alpaca on the label? You decide, either way the wine in the bottle you will find to be a classic sub five pound malbec - lots of ripe black fruit (blackberry and damson) but in balance with easy tannins.

Easy drinking and great value to boot.


17th May 2021
Classics No.28 Cabernet Sauvignon
Marks and Spencer £8.00
Drinker Rating 91

Marks and Spencer have really been ringing the changes of late - first came their Classics range and most recently the new Found range. This new line is taking drinkers on a journey into new grapes, regions and styles of wine.

This week I'm sticking with their excellent Classics (which are top notch across the range) and this lovely Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. It's Bordeaux without the pain, beautiful ripe red berry on the palate and a lovely hint of wood-smoke on the nose. Very asy drinking, enough structure so it can stand up but not too big a tannic hit that you're reaching for the water.

Well made, a classic worthy of the name.


10th May 2021
Mountain Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc
Tesco £5.00
Drinker Rating 89

Are you always behind the times - I am, I've never been at the cutting edge of fashion design or technology - but this week I got myself my first i-phone - got it in Tesco, they seem to speak my language on tech.

While I was there I also bought a bottle of this South African Sauvignon Blanc. I've been amazed at this wine for some months now as it's absolutely jam packed with tropical fruit flavour, some herbal, hedgerow notes and still retains a hint of chalky minerality. It is BAGS AND BAGS of wine for only a fiver.

So there you go, one to celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day with - May 7th - see, behind the times again.


31st April 2021
Taste the Difference German Pinot Blanc
Sainsbury's £7.75
Drinker Rating 90

Time to try something new? How about pinot blanc - not widely sampled in the UK but one of the classic varieties - sometimes known as weisburgunder, it produces wonderfully fruity whites.

This one from Sainsbury's has hints of melon, it's akin to tinned fruit salad on the nose but dry on the palate. A really interesting wine and very well worth looking up if you fancy a change.


25th April 2021
Poruguese Dão
Aldi £5.99
Drinker Rating 90

Springtime sees the crossover from when people stop drinking the heavier winter reds and stray into white and rosé wines, the chilled wines suit the climate and seasonal foods of summer.

This is a red but I think will still suit the cooler days and occasional rain breaks that we're having right now. Hailing from the Dão region of north central Portugal this wine is made in a quite remote and mountainous part of the world - but it doesn't lack in sophistication.

It has a lovely forward fruit character, bramble and black cherry but with a wonderful tobacco leaf aroma. This is a versatile wine, good for the BBQ or fireside and just right of this time of year.

And at under six quid this is a real bargain.


19th April 2021
17 Trees Pinot Grigio
Waitrose £7.49
Drinker Rating 91

Waitrose have a bit of a 25% off offer on at the mo - it's on selected summer drinks and  it's on individual bottles - no need to buy six - well worth a look.

I tipped this wine up in my winter/Christmas YouTube vid - it's made by De Bortolli who are absolutely brilliant wine-makers across their range - I think I've yet to find a wine made by them that I didn't like.

This is a cracking little pinot grigio (do try their Shiraz too - it's also on offer this week at the reduced price), I love it because it actually tastes of something!

I think it has a touch more character as there's a little reisling in there giving a perfumed lift and it's had some ageing on its lees which gives a wonderful silky mouthfeel.

Proper wine, fantastic price - stock up now!

12th April 2021
The Best Cahors Malbec
Morrisons £8.00
Drinker Rating 90

Well here's a thing, next Satruday, 17th April, is Malbec World Day (their title not mine) - there are loads of these nowadays but who needs an excuse to crack open a bottle?

If you are celebrating this special day then I would recommend heading down to Morrisons where they have two absolute belters both in their 'The Best' range. First up is their Cahors Malbec from just north of Toulouse, it's got a lovely earthy tone to it, plum, fig and damson with grippy tannins. Then try their Gran Montana Malbec, from Argentina, a little more refined, very fruit forward wine, velvet smooth and easy drinking.

My preference is for the French malbec, I prefer the structure and balance and at only £8 compared to the Argentinian at £10 presents greater value.

5th April 2021
Alain Grignon Carignan 'Vieilles Vignes', Pays de l'Hérault
Majestic £6.99 - Mix 6 Price
Drinker Rating 89

Majestic sell so much brilliant wine and there are a couple of reasons for this - first up - booze is all they sell, they are THE wine experts (they also sell some fab beers and wonderful spirits too), but day in day out they work with producers to source the most interesting and often affordable wines on the high street.

Second, their staff really know their stuff, they are friendly and helpful and really understand wine and peoples' taste.

So there - party political broadcast over - get down there and buy this super value red with its vibrant black fruit palate and fantastic structure.

29th March 2021
Taste the Difference Touraine Rosé
Sainsbury's £6.00
Drinker Rating 89

Time to stock up for Easter - there's 25% off when you buy 6 bottles at Sainsbury's.

It's nice to have a bit of pink when the sun comes out, so it's a good time to get a smashing French rosé in for the Bank Holiday.

This wine is made from gamay and cabernet franc in Touraine on the Loire in France, it's pretty and dry but with lovely hints of summer berries to come and a lovely touch of herb garden on the finish.

See all my reccomendations from the range at Sainsbury's by clicking on their logo on the left of this page and see my YouTube vid of recommendations up to £10 by clicking here.

Have a happy Easter.

22nd March 2021
Extra Special Chilean Sauvignon Blanc
Asda £6.00
Drinker Rating 89

*****25 % OFF CLAXON*****

Time to stock up for Easter - there's 25% off when you buy 6 bottles at ASDA.

This is a little cracker at only £6 a bottle right now, buy six and you can reduce the price from £36 to £27 for what will make a fantastic Easter House White.

Sauvignon Blanc is still the white of the day in the UK, driven in the main by the bigger, blousy whites from New Zealand, Chile make some great examples too but these don't tend to be as over expressive, they're a bit more dialed down and all the better for it.

Now it's getting less chilly it's time to get into Chile.

8th March 2021
Baturrica Tarragona Gran Reserva
Lidl £4.99
Drinker Rating 89

What I love at this time of the year is a reminder of the heat of summer, it feels like the spring is so nearly here and that the last mile is the hardest and all that.

This wine is so intensely flavoured it's crammed with ripe black cherry and blackberry it's like a warming fruit compote. It is big but those flavours are rounded by some delicious vanilla and good spice with restrained tannins.

This is a gorgeous wine and it's under a fiver - yes! Under a fiver!

1st March 2021
Blueprint Cotes de Provence Rosé
Waitrose £8.99
Drinker Rating 90

#### 25% OFF CLAXON ####
Waitrose have 25% off when you buy 6 bottles until 9th March - stock up for spring NOW!

You could do a lot worse than this lovely Provencale rosé, a beautiful pale pink and all the soft summer pudding fruits with crisp fresh acidity that you need.

This wine is made by Samatha Bailey at Boutinot and is part of a brilliant mixed case on offer to celebrate women producers on International Women's Day (8th March). See the case here an absolute bargain at £53 but if you order before 9th it's only £46.50! AMAZING VALUE!

22nd February 2021
Finest South African Chenin Blanc
Tesco £7.50
Drinker Rating 90

As the days get longer we stand a chance of getting some late winter early spring sun on our faces. If you do get a chance to sit out in the daylight I think a chenin blanc is just the right drop for the season.

This one from Tesco is made in South Africa by a very good producer, Stellenrust, and it has all the apricot and apple aroma you need along with a very gentle touch of oak on the finish. Lovely, poise and balance and a bargain to boot.


15th February 2021
Coastal Series Pinotage
Aldi £6.99
Drinker Rating 90

Still the season for a warming red - this is a belter from South Africa, made with the classic grape from down there, Pinotage.

There wines often used to have a distinct burnt rubber nose to them, but this is a characteristic that has died out in recent years (pity - I quit liked it). But this is full on black and red fruit backed up with some lovely earthy spice and black pepper.

It's really well balanced and perfectly made and at less than seven quid a bottle well worth a go.


8th February 2021
Taste the Difference Primitivo
Sainsbury's £7.00
Drinker Rating 90

No! I will not be recommending anything pink and fizzy because it happens to be Valentine's Day on Sunday. What are you, fucking twelve years old? Get a grip!

There, enough of that, apologies for my sweary outburst but honestly Valentines boils my piss.

So here's a proper grow-up wine instead.I love primitivo (zinfandel in California) generous and juicy, forward fruit, lovely body - also a great wine when it's snowing.

Seven quid, absolute banging bargain. Get lots.


1st February 2021
Campo Aldea Rioja
Marks and Spencer £9.00
Drinker Rating 90

It's still the grim old winter and what is really needed is a warm and inviting, food friendly wine to see the rain and cold off. This Rioja is a corker at only £9, it's modern and fruit forward having oodles of sour cherry and black berry notes but it's got something else...

Wines like this are quite rare and not always commercially loved but it's got a little bit of development about it in that there's a lovely savoury, earthy spice to it which fronts up to the fruit really well.

This is what we call balance - it's a well made, interesting and appropriate wine for right now.


25th January 2021
Graham Beck Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut NV
Waitrose £10.99 (on offer usually £14.99)
Drinker Rating 90

Some fizz I think - I'm up for a little celebration. Yesterday my mum had the first dose of her vaccine and so we're one step closer to that hug.

You too might be witnessing the roll out of what seems a slow process but is clearly an NHS miracle with over 10% of the UK population, the most vulnerable among us, having had their first dose.

So let's raise a glass in celebration but with one eye toward those who are no longer with us and to those suffering the heartbreaking loss of this virus. 


18th January 2021
The Best Gran Montana Malbec
Morrisons £7.00 (on offer in Jan)
Drinker Rating 90

Malbec is one of those really interesting grapes - it's become really popular since Argentina decided it was their signature variety. Grown in South America it has a bit more body and usually a higher degree of alcohol while retaining it's plummy character.

This one from Morrisons is a cracker, spiced plum compote on the nose, some cinnamon and vanilla backing up the fruit. It's really well made and on offer in Jan at only £7. While your there pick up a bottl of their The Best Cahors Malbec and compare the French style to the Argentinian - both top wines and great value.


11th January 2021
Lucky Saint
Tesco and Sainsbury's £1.80 (330ml)
Drinker Rating 90

I'm not a massive fan of Dry January, I much prefer CAMRA's Try January where drinkers are encouraged to try new beers and keep our pubs and breweries going. As we can't get down the pub right now here's a recommendation for an alcohol free beer that should keep everyone happy.

Back in August I went 10 weeks without a drink and it was made a hell of a lot easier with the discovery of Lucky Saint, an unfiltered lager it's refreshing and flavoursome and as good as it gets in the no/low category.

This will see you through to Feb', no worries.

4th January 2021
Santa Rita 120 Carmenere
Majestic £5.99 (mix Six Price)
Drinker Rating 90

It's winter so we'll be looking for bigger, fuller wines that go well with hearty meals. Carmenere is a lovely grape and Chile's Central Valley provides the perfect climate. It makes big, fuller bodied reds, not overpowered by tannin but there's enough structure to support a wonderfully fruit forward palate.

This is a cracker for early Jan as it comes in at under six quid and is generous and ripe, a real winter warmer.

Here's to a merry lockdown!