This was the very first section of the site and a major part of it was The Bad Pub Guide - as there were so many poorly run boozers out there that needed naming and shaming. It all got a bit out of hand however, and is now going to be dedicated to the really good pubs out there as I was beginning to be a referee in lots of petty disputes over the nature of sausage sandwiches.

This will be updated very soon with some of my favourite pubs and feel free to email me your suggestions. I am just trying to sort out one or two technical issues and it'll be up and running.


The Chancellor of the Exchequer is considering increasing VAT which will put 6p on the price of a pint of beer, and with the parlous state of Britain's pubs this could cost an estimated 7000 jobs. Please click on the link below or go to so that you can register your concern with both your MP and the Chancellor.

At this time our pubs need all the support they can get, go on, click now, it'll only take a moment.
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