ALDI 2018/19 Selection

As you'd expect from Aldi there is a wide range of really well priced wines, but as you might not expect there is a good range of reasonable quality too particularly in the Exquisite range. It's not all cheap and cheerful, there is some higher end stuff here and again it's very well priced, look for the ever expanding Lot Series. My only frustration with Aldi is inconsistency of availability of many of their drinks in stores but on the whole the drinks below are really good when they are available.

Castellore Grillo/Sauvignon Blanc 4.69 Drinker Rating 90
Perfect party wine, really well priced and enough character to keep you interested
Gavi di Gavi 6.99 Drinker Rating 90
Lovely precise wine, clean and crisp, classy mineral and fruit in balance
Lot XI Clare-Margaret River Australian Chardonnay 10.99 Drinker Rating 91
Big old Aussie Chardonnay, lots of fruit, well judged oak, good body, great value
Leberges Gruner Veltliner 4.99 Drinker Rating 89
Super stuff, un-trendy grape, let's make it trend, hints of peach and minerality
Exquisite Collection Muscadet Sevre et Maine 5.69 Drinker Rating 87
Good, fresh, well made, lovely acidity, nice crisp green apple, would make a fab House White
Exquisite Collection Clare Valley Riesling 6.99Drinker Rating 91
Zesty and floral, aromatic, white blossom, hint of minerality, very well made
Exquisite Collection Leyda Sauvignon Blanc 5.49 Drinker Rating 87
Big flowery sauvignon, white blossom, tropical notes, expressive
Exquisite Collection Australian Sauvignon Blanc 5.99 Drinker Rating 90
Subtle for an Aussie! Great value Sauvignon, white stone fruit, balanced and fresh
Exquisite Collection Limestone Coast Chardonnay 5.70 Drinker Rating 90
Green apple and grassy meadow, lots to like about this and not just the price
Exquisite Collection Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 6.99 Drinker Rating 89
Gooseberry and greengage, understated for Marlborough but Sauvignon nonetheless, subtle!
Vignobles Rousellet Sauvignon Blanc 4.69 Drinker Rating 88
Grassy and understated sauvignon, easy drinker, classic French style
IGP Languedoc Chardonnay 4.79 Drinker Rating 89
Really well balanced fruit and acidity, hints of unripe pear and apple, good use of oak
Ashwood Freeman's Bay Pinot Gris 2017 5.79 Drinker Rating 91
Lovely complex nose, good tropical fruit, lychee, unripe apple, deep and lasting wine off dry
The Project Sauvignon Blanc 5.99 Drinker Rating 90
Lovely fresh meadow and green grass nose, green fruit palate, very good, top value
Freeman's Bay Pinot Gris 5.79 Drinker Rating 89
Lovely off dry white, fresh cut flowers, blossom and almond, beauty!
Freeman's Bay New Zealand Pinot Gris 5.79 Drinker Rating 88
Definately pinot gris not grigio, there's something about this wine, really curious
Jean Bouchard Chablis 10.49 Drinker Rating 90
Very good, very well priced Chablis, one for Christmas
Artisan Tasmanian Gewurtztraminer 10.99 Drinker Rating 90
Lovely aromatic floral nose, dry, perfumed wine, like drinking petals

Exquisite Collection Cremant du Jura 7.99 Drinker Rating 89
Easy drinking fizz, green apple and grass, lovely, very well priced
Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut NV 11.49 Drinker Rating 90
Yeasty bread nose, good full, rich complex palate, red apple, lovely, classy, value!
Veuve Monsigny Blanc de Blancs Vintage Champagne 19.99 Rating 90
Wonderful Champagne, apple crumble and cream, terrific value
Planeta Organico Rose Spumante 7.99 Drinker Rating 89
Classy looking bottle, lovely light pink fizz, subtle and easy to drink
Lot Series Folletto D'oro Prosecco 9.99 Drinker Rating 90
A cut above your usual cheap prosecco, peach and mineral, a beauty
Ca 'di Pietra Prosecco Magnum 13.99 Drinker Rating 90
Peach blossom nose, dry, light, fresh, lovely drop, magnum is a show-stopper

Artisan Tasmanian Pinot Noir
16.99 Drinker Rating 93
Cool climate pinot noir, bramble, raspberry and something savoury, high % but you wouldn't know
Grande Alberone Black Bio 7.99 Drinker Rating 90
Classy wine for only eight quid, big and bold, full on black fruit, powerful stuff
Meadowhawk Zinfandel 8.99 Drinker Rating 91
Lots of wine for the money, big and bold black fruit, well balanced, classy easy drinker
Estevez Cabernet Sauvignon-Carmenere 4.79 Drinker Rating 90
Ripe damson and plum nose, good blackcurrant with lovely menthol notes, nice tannic structure
The Fire Tree Sicilian Riserva 8.99 Drinker Rating 90
Big heavy bottle, spice, blackcurrant leaf, bramble, super stuff
The Fire Tree Sicilain Nero d'Avola 4.99 Drinker Rating 90
Blood and guts wine in a very good way, big, brash, tannic, full on in yer face
Animus Douro 4.99 Drinker Rating 89
Perfect party red, cherry and violet,easy drinking, fantastic price
Exquisite Collection Chilean Reserva Merlot 5.99 Drinker Rating 89
Good solid merlot, black fruit and cinnamon spice, very solid wine
Exquisite Collection Chilean Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 5.99 Drinker Rating 90
Full on bramble, hedgerow and spice, cedar and a touch of woodsmoke
Exquisite Collection New Zealand Pinot Noir 2016 6.79 Drinker Rating 90
Balanced fruit and savoury ripeness, light raspberry and hint of leather, smashing
Estevez Pinot Noir 4.79 Drinker Rating 89
Forward fruit and good tannic structure, very well made, complex
Vignobles Roussellet Malbec 4.69 Drinker Rating 90
Forward open bubblegum nose, blueberry and oak, easy tannin, great value
Andara Chilean Merlot 4.09 Drinker Rating 89
Complex nose, light rubber and stewed fruit, soft, easy and straightforward

Toro Loco Rose 2014 3.89 Drinker Rating 87
Raspberry nose, lovely red cherry finish. Great price, good value party wine
Yallaroo Australian Rose 5.29 Drinker Rating 89
Perfect easy drinking wine, raspberry to the fore, enough fruit to entertain
Exquisite Collection Fino Sherry 5.99 Drinker Rating 90
Very good, dry and austere, lovely smoky, salty almond
Exquisite Collection Amontillado Sherry 5.99 Drinker Rating 91
Beautiful polished walnut nose, dry and full, brilliant wine, cracking value
Exquisite Collection Cream Sherry 5.99 Drinker Rating 92
Soft and easy, intense raisin, figgy and full on hazlenut
Maynard's Ruby Reserve Port 4.99 20cl Drinker Rating 90
Cute little bottle of very nice Port, bit of a single serve, but good nonetheless
Maynard's 10 year old Tawny Port 10.99 Drinker Rating 92
Very, very good port, proper tawny, some lovely age on the nose, delicate
Sumptuously Rich Pudding Wine 8.99 Drinker Rating 92
Made by De Bortolli, fig, raisin, deep and intense, proper sweetie

Zero Point Zero Rose 2.49 rating 88
An alcohol free fizz, not to sweet, great looking bottle, one for the drivers
Harrison's Gin 15.99 Drinker Rating 90
Decent forward juniper gin, lovely looking bottle, top value gine