ALDI 2024 Selection

Aldi's range continues to impress with the Specially Selected range in particular also some decent standbys under the labels Castellore, Baron Amarillo, Cambalala and Pierre Jurant. Very solid across the whole range and probably the best value wines on the UK market right now. Good to see a move toward sustainability with some interesting lightweight packaging available, please don't be put off by cardboard or plastic bottles.

Grapevine Pinot Grigio £3.89 Drinker Rating 88
Has a few other varieties in here which lift a simple grigio, leafy and floral
Cambalala South African Pinot Grigio £5.99 Drinker Rating 88
Floral nose and lovely lemon palate, fresh and very well made
Specially Selected Rioja Blanco £6.99 Drinker Rating 89
Light fresh, easy, a bit leafy, lovely simple way to Amarillo
Estevez Chillean Chardonnay £4.39 Drinker Rating 89
Beautiful green apple and vanilla nose, simple, but well made and great price
Specially Selected Clare Valley Riesling £8.49 Drinker Rating 91
Zesty and floral, aromatic, white blossom, hint of minerality, very well made
Specially Selected Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc £7.69 Drinker Rating 89
Gooseberry, grass and greengage, proper Marlborough Sauvignon
Pierre Jurant Chardonnay Pays D'Oc £5.29 Drinker Rating 89
Really well balanced fruit and acidity, hints of unripe pear and apple, good use of oak
Specially Selected Touraine Sauvignon Blanc £7.99 Drinker Rating 89
Green grass and green apple, some elderflower, not overblown, lovely easy drinker
Specially Selected Gisbourne Pinot Gris £8.69 Drinker Rating 89
Light fresh, mango and honeysuckle, fuller body, lovely classy wine
Cambalala South African Viognier £5.99 Rating 89
Terrible looking bottle but a lovely wine, floral and light with a creamy body
Specially Selected Luberon Blanc £8.99 Drinker Rating 89
Floral nose, apricot and nectarine with a lime finish, a real beauty
Athlon Greek Assyritiko £8.99 Rating 90
Mineral and apple with a stone fruit palate, lovely complex stuff
Specially Selected Cawkscrew Swartland Blend £7.99 Drinker Rating 90
Lovely red apple and lime nose, fresh acidity on palate, mouth-watering
Baron St Jean £3.45 Drinker Rating 89
Light fresh, easy, a bit leafy, lovely lime finish, simple, fresh and bright party wine
Filos Estate Greek Chardonnay £8.99 Drinker Rating 89
Classy looking bottle, fancy wine too, minerality and grapefruit, lovely stuff
Costellore Prosecco Treviso £7.99 Drinker Rating 89
Light floral nose with a hint of talc, easy and fresh, well priced

Specially Selected Cremant De Bordeaux Rosť £9.49 Drinker Rating 89
Beautiful pale pink fizz, cherry blossom nose and red cherry palate, lovely
Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut NV £15.49 Drinker Rating 90
Yeasty bread nose, good full, rich complex palate, red apple, lovely, classy, value!
Contevado Cava Brut  £5.49 Drinker Rating 88
Cava is back! Not austere or over acidic, carries lovely green grass and green apple character
Castelore Organic Prosecco £7.19 Drinker Rating 90 (the rosť version of this is great too)
A cut above your usual cheap prosecco, peach and mineral, a beauty, lovely bottle too!
Specially Selected Fleurs D'Eau £8.29 Rating 90
Classy looking bottle and a realy wonderful wine, pear and apple peel, touch of saffron
Costellore Blanc de Blancs £4.89 rating 89
Super but simle party fizz, would make a great base for a cocktail but a nice light sipper too.
Fiori di Rossa £8.99 Rating 90
Peach, apricot, raspberry, pefect pink fizz, light, easy and well priced

Animus Douro Red Blend £6.49 Drinker Rating 88
Mouthatering lovely black fruit and herbal notes, simple but effective
Estevez Chilean Malbec £5.79 Drinker Rating 90
Coffee, chocolate, black pepper, vanilla, spice, full on complex wine
Grapevine Merlot £4.09 Drinker Rating 88
Blackcurrant jam nose, extracted ad intense, soft and easy with a herbal finish
Grapevine Malbec £4.15 Drinker Rating 88
Proper BBQ wine, rich and intense fruit, full structure, easy power, pepper.
Baron Amarillo Rioja Reserva £6.29 Drinker Rating 89
Savoury spice nose, oak and black pepper, bramble and amson, lovely affordable Rioja
Specially Selected Estevez Chilean Pinot Noir £6.75 Drinker Rating 90
Lovely pale look, development on nose, savoury spice, curry leaf and leather, supple
Kooliburra South African Shiraz £4.19 Drinker Rating 90
Very sound wine at an amazing price, ripe bramble and spice, easy drinking
The Reprobates Specially Selected Australian GSM £7.49 Drinker Rating 91
Very ripe black fruit, concentrated and intense but very approachable
Cambalala South African Shiraz £7.99 Drinker Rating 89
Lightweight paper bottle, but propr wine within, black currant, herbal notes, tannin.
Specially Selected South African Merlot
£6.99 Drinker Rating 90
Pencil shavings and cigar box nose, ripe and juicy black fruit, perfect
Specially Selected Ventoux Rouge
£8.49 Drinker Rating 90
Blood and guts wine in a very good way, big, brash, tannic, full on in yer face
Specially Selected Lebanese Red
£8.49 Drinker Rating 90
Absolute whopper of a wine big hot black fruit palate, plum, pepper and spice
Athlon Greek Xinamavro Syrah £9.99 Drinker Rating 91
Really interesting wine proving Aldi know what they're doing, fruit with tobacco leaf and smoke
Spacially Selected Argentinian Cabenet Sauvignon £6.99 Drinker Rating 90
Fruit driven but with a lovely undercurrant of new smoke and tarmac, hefty BBQ wine
Specially Selected Barossa Shiraz £7.49 Drinker Rating 90
Generous, big old wine, powerful, ripe fruit compote, BBQ wine
Specially Selected Valpolicella Ripasso £7.99 Drinker Rating 90
Velevety, lovely, rich, giving, intense, touch of ripe fruit sweetness, hot.
Specially Selected Gamay £8.69 rating 89
Light and earthy gamay, forward fruit, blueberry and redcurrant, a little structure, lovely stuff
Pierre Jaurant Sud de France Rosť £5.99 Drinker Rating 87
Lovely light, perfectly acceptable pink, a gently touch or raspberry

Pierre Jaurant Mediteranee Rosť £5.49 Drinker Rating 87
Classy looking bottle, fresh red fruit, dry rosť, easy drinking
Specially Selected Coteaux du Beziers Rosť £8.49 Drinker Rating 91
This is my summer house rose, perfect red/blueberry, sound acidity, fantastic value
Specially Selected Cotes du Provence Rosť £8.49 Drinker Rating 89
Pretty bottle, pretty wine, pale and interesting, strawberry and redcurrant
Specially Selected Costa Toscana Organic Rosť
£7.99 Drinker Rating 89
Diesel character that really works, floral and balanced, light structure
Specially Selected La Bonne Vie Rosť £7.99 Drinker Rating 89
Lots going on, raspberry pavlova nose, dry and light, beautiful looking and drinking wine