Really impressive and growing range. This season look out for the limited edition autumn/winter parcel wines, not a bad one among them and fantastic value. It is in the process of re-branding its 'Morrisons The Best' wines to 'Wm. Morrison', these  are on the whole very good wines well priced. There is a lot to like in their list, everything from economy to classy classics, and don't forget a great range of fortified wines.

Please bear in mind that not all of these wines are available in every store - but they can all be found on also prices are subject to variation.

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Up to a tenner
Castelliere Pinot Grigio £4.75 rating 89 (vegan)
Pwerfect summer party or BBQ wine, simple and straightforward, light and easy
Morrisons Chenin Blanc £4.25 rating 89
Very drinkable, green fruit and racy acidity, fresh and un-demanding
Wm. Morrison Trentino Pinot Grigio
£7.00 rating 89
Some really nice tight fruit, lemon and citrus hints, touch of melon, fresh
Morrisons The Best New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
£8.00 rating 89
Propper Kiwi Sauvignon, bursting with aromatic and herbal notes - top value
Yealands Sauvignon - Pinot Gris £8.75 rating 90
Bags of tropical fruit - almost Um Bongo! Big and expressive, beauty
Morrisons The Best South African Sauvignon Blanc
£6.50 rating 89
Beautiful aromatic lime peel nose, lovely sharp citrus palate, balanced, value
Morrisons The Best Western Australia Chardonnay £8.00 rating 90
Generous open fruit nose, citrus, grapefruit, touch of mango, good use of oak
Morrisons The Best Fairtrade Chardonnay
£7.00 rating 90
Really good fruit driven un-oaked chardonnay, apple, citrus and pear
Kindermann Riesling Vom Loss Trocken £8.00 rating 88
Lovely floral aromatics, white blossom, dry riesling, fresh, lime peel
Les Richoises £4.75 rating 89
Floral grapefuit and citrus nose, touch of passion fruit and apple amazing value
Sorso Pinot Grigio £6.50 rating 89
Good fruit driven simple pinot grigio, it tastes of something!
Wm. Morrison Gavi £7.00 rating 90
Light and elegant, apple and blossom nose, lengthy finish
Wm. Morrison Pecorino £6.50 rating 86
All pecorino has a sheep on the label, very pleasing wine.
Masseria Pietrosa Verdeca £8.00 rating 91
Classy looking bottle, good floral aromatics, fresh and dry, vanilla, the full ticket.
Wm. Morrison South African Chenin Blanc £5.50 rating 89
Lovely pproachable wine, soft creamy palate, forward fruit, easy
Wm. Morrison Albarino £8.00 rating 89
Lemon peel nose, light green apple palate, lovely tropical finish
Rosemount Diamond selection Chardonnay £6.25 rating 89

Pole, lime and citrus nose, good acidity, lovely wine at the price
Wm. Morrison Fiano £6.00 rating 89
Lovely white blossom nose, good fruit, hint tropical on palate
Morrisons The Best Petit Chablis £10.00 rating 89
Minerality and a hint of farmyard, chalk and apple palate, interesting
Wm. MorrisonPinot Gris £7.00 rating 90
Good stone fruit nose, hit of citrus, lime peel on palate

Wm. Morrison Chilean Pinot Noir £8.00 rating 88

Light red berry aroma, good body, really well made and well priced
Morrisons Cabernet Sauvignon £4.25 rating 89
Big ripe, juicy, plummy wine, full on, top stuff in a terrible looking bottle
Morrisons South African Pinotage
rating 89
Menthol nose, pepper and spice on palate, top wine, great value
Three Houses GSM £5.00 rating 89
Rich spiced nose, cinnamon, black fruit, concentrated, interesting wine
Zarper Malbec £8.00 rating 89
Interesting medicinal nose, concentrated fruit and a lovely herbal finish
Head Honcho Pinot Noir £5.50 rating 89
Simple fruit driven pinot noir, touch of spice and elegant blueberry
Morrisons The Best Rioja Reserva £7.50 rating 89
Spicy black pepper nose, solid tannins and good supporting fruit
El Puente Tempranillo £4.75 rating 89
Lovely concentrated black fruit, great looking bottle, fabulous price
Morrisons The Best IGP Cotes Catalans £6.00 rating 90
Damson nose, black pepper, herbal notes, deep and generous
Alto Rouge £9.50 rating 90
Intense and savoury, meaty nose, dark and brooding, love it!
Villa Verde Montepulciano D'Abruzzo £4.75 rating 90
Look at the price, look at the rating, fantastic cherry and fresh tar, lots here great value
Wm. Morrison Nero D'Avola £6.00 rating 89
Cherry and plum dominate, touch of violet on the finish, a beaut
Wm. Morrison Primitivo £6.75 rating 89
Cardamom and spice, rich fruitcake palate, mouthwatering finish
Wm. Morrison Malbec £7.50 rating 90
Lovely warming spice nose, ripe black fruit, good use of oak
Wm. Morrison South African Cabernet Sauvignon £7.00 rating 88
Spice, oak and smoke, proper BBQ Bargain, lovely wine at £7
Zalze Shiraz Mouverdre Viognier £7.25 rating 92
Herbal nose, good fruit and oak interplay, powerful finish, fantastic value
Morrisons The Best South African Shiraz £6.00 rating 89
Lovely cocoa powder nose, rich and intense, ripe black cherry, smashing
Wm. Morrison Valpolicella Ripasso £9.00 rating 90
Full on generous wine, big over ripe nose, inky and rich black fruit, smashing
Gerard Bertrand Les Aspres £10.00 rating 89
Lovely looking wine, hinto violet on  nose, elegant, very well made
Wm. Morrison Marques de los Rios Rioja Reserva £7.50 rating 90
Lovely big oaky Rioja nose, just what it ought to be, great price too!
Root 1 Carmenere £8.00 rating 90
Soft redcurrant, black fruit and spice, good example of carmenere

Vitis Nostra Pinot Noir Rosť £7.00 rating 90
Subtle white peach nose, red berry palate, crunchy cranberry and sharp raspberry
Provence Rosť £9.00 rating 89
Sexy looking bottle, peach and pear character, fresh and light
Les Richoises Rosť £5.00 rating 89
Quite a pink pink, lovely red fruit, great value party/BBQ wine
A La Mode Grenache Syrah Rosť £7.00 rating 87
Another lovely looking bottle, touch of cranberry, basic and easy
Gerard Bertrand Gris de Gris Rosť £8.00 rating 87
Simple raspberry, straightforward, fresh wine
Bellemente Pinot Grigio Blush £4.75 rating 89
Lovely cranberry and blossom palate, wow, amazing for the money

Morrisons The Best Vintage Cava Brut £7.00 rating 90
Good yeasty nose, green and red apple with peach. Top wine.
Prosecco £6.00 rating 89
Lovely light fresh prosecco all peach and grass, simple but effective
Menestrello Pinot Spumangte Rose £7.00 rating 90
Lovely light red fruit nose, very straightforward but really well made pink fizz
Sacchetto Grifon Prosecco Rose Extra Dry £10.00 rating 90
Top stuff, full of vibrant raspberry and cranberry notes, dry and crisp
Wm. Morrison Vintage Cava Rosado £8.25 rating 89
Nice yeasty, fruity nose, strawberry to the fore on the palate, delicious and look at the price

Over a tenner
Wm. Morrison Chablis Premier Cru £15.00 rating 90
Minerality and a hint of farmyard, chalk and apple palate, interesting

Wm. Morrison Rioja Blanco Reserva £13.00 rating 92
Good ripe oaky nose, baked apple and cream, lovely
Wm. Morrison Crozes Hermitage £11.00 rating 90
This pretty much ticks all the boxes and is very well priced
Morrisons The Best St. Emillion £12.00 rating 91
Light perfumed nose, sound body, spice and black berry, exceptional wine, showing development
Wm. Morrison Amarone £15.00 rating 90
Big winterwine, mouthwatering and full on, intense and complex, very giving, hot finish
Morrisons The Best Champagne Brut NV £19.00 rating 89
Red and green apple nose, fresh and zesty with yeast and good body
Wm. Morrison Rose Champagne £20.00 rating 89
Smashing raspberry and yeast nose, beautifully made, great value

Wm. Morrison Olorosso Sherry
£6.00 (37.5cl) rating 91
Very good, intense and nutty, dry but mouthfilling, warm finish
Morrisons Amontillado Sherry £7.15 (1 litre) rating 87
Great value sweeter style cooking sherry, trifle ahoy, good drinker too
Taylors10 yo Tawny Port £22.00 rating 91
Beautiful development, lovely looking tawny, damson, spice and pepper
Wm. Morrison 10 yo Tawny Port £12.00 rating 89
Classy looking bottle, touch of raspberry jam, lovely sweetness
Morrisons Special Reserve Port £8.20 rating 90
Hot, ripe, intense concentrated fruit, rich and giving, spice and heat
Warres Cavadinha Vintage Port £27.00 rating 92
Concentrated black fruit compote, plum, damson, sloe, blackcurrant, the full ticket